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This blog was born out of my desire–my need–to let my inner extrovert shine. Going to networking events and large gatherings can be intimidating for inner extroverts. I would often leave these events soon after arriving because it was difficult for me to initiate conversations with strangers. I had no problem conversing for hours with people I know, but that wasn’t very helpful. Talking to people I know fulfilled my purpose of communicating, yet it did nothing for making new connections and fully enjoying soirees.

Allow me to continue by thoroughly defining “the inner extrovert.” In the first and most common sense of the phrase, the inner extrovert resembles my description in the previous paragraph. The second, and less referenced definition, is a bubbly excitement that yearns for release. On the inside, many inner extroverts are chatterboxes. If we’re at a social gathering, we want to talk, and talk, and talk. We often struggle to vocalize those feelings, thus leaving our “inner extroverts” unfulfilled.

The Inner Extrovert is my way of talking, sharing, and gathering with others through writing (one of my great loves). I will cover conferences, screenings, festivals, lectures, and so much more as it pertains to health, beauty, music, art, film–and that’s just for starters.

Ultimately, this blog is my answer to the popular interview question, “what is your weakness?” I will grow with and through the blog. To foster my growth, I have assigned myself the task of including a quote for every non-inspirational piece on this blog. I am making this my standard because a quote signifies that I have engaged with people.

Finally, the Inner Extrovert is an open call to other inner extroverts. I hope this blog inspires you to get social while making you smile.



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