Pay It Forward: Lakia Allen of Connect 3 Coaching LLC


Lakia Allen

The 21st century is the ultimate age of independence. Many women are raising children, managing businesses, and running homes independently. It’s great to be able to say “I did that” or “I’m really doing it.” However, as tremendous of a feeling as it is to grasp achievements on our own, everyone needs help. We may need someone to help us reach or re-define our goals. If your life needs a re-direct, contact LaKia Allen. LaKia is a certified life and health coach who founded Connect 3 Coaching, LLC to help high-achieving yet overwhelmed moms re-discover themselves while staying connected to their missions of success. “I wanted to help those women [who are lost, overwhelmed, and stressed out] to first shift their mindset and then work to achieve optimal health and wholeness.”

LaKia’s passion for helping women to identify and nurture their best selves mirrors that journey that she traveled to create Connect 3 Coaching, LLC. It took LaKia years of self-reflection and introspection to discover her purpose. She targets her return to work from maternity leave as the turning point in her life. “I knew my personal values had shifted. I had zero passion for the work that I had been doing. I was no longer willing to work long, hectic hours only to come home with nothing left for my family, much less for myself. Being a mother brought incredible clarity to my life.”

LaKia retains that clarity by utilizing the coaching strategies in her personal life. She credits working out and eating clean with keeping her energized and prepared to handle all of her responsibilities. “I’m really big on working out. Running makes me feel like a superhero. That feeling of accomplishment drives my confidence, and I know that I’m not at my personal best unless I’m able to have that decompression period.”

 We are only at our best when every aspect of our being is functioning at maximum capacity.  I want to encourage all women to embrace every aspect of your being.  Do the work necessary to develop a healthy mind, body, and spirit and watch how your life changes in ways that you couldn’t imagine.

Through Connect 3 Coaching, LLC, Lakia is dedicated to helping women find themselves again. “Getting to know yourself inside and out is not about who you think you are but it is a continuous journey of peeling back the layers of the onion and becoming more comfortable with what is in the middle – the true essence of you.”

For more information on how to become your best you via Connect 3 Coaching, LLC, request a “Get Acquainted” session directly through LaKia’s web site ( You may also e-mail her at

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