Pay It Forward Spotlight–Unusual Star Jewelry


Jewelz is a self-taught ear artist who has been designing jewelry since 2005. Her business, Unusual Star Jewelry, is a direct reflection of her passion for defying the ordinary. “I love to be as unique and unusual as possible, which is what inspired me to start designing my own jewelry line,” Jewelz gushes. “I LOVE to stand out in a crowd, and Unusual Star Jewelry is for those who love to stand out as well.” Unusual Star Jewelry certainly stands out with its brightly-colored material and funky designs.

unusual star jewelry on the stand

Jewelz says that many customers love her hand-painted and studded pieces the best.

unusual star jewelry on table


Plus, for all of you without pierced ears (like me), she makes clip-on versions too! Here’s the pair that I purchased from her last jewelry party:

unusual star jewelry clip-ons

To keep up with Unusual Star Jewelry and get your hands on Jewelz’s awesome creations, check her out on the following sites:



Twitter: @unusual_star

Instagram: @unusual_star

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